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  1. Other Immune Disorders:
    Transplant rejection


    Congenital immune deficiencies

    Acquired immune deficiencies
  2. Other Immune Disorders: Transplant rejection:
    Transplanted tissue can be recognized as foreign

    This is why "tissue typing" is done before a transplant

    • Graft vs. host disease
    • -occurs in bone marrow transplants
    • -rid all bone marrow
    • -implant graft from donor
    • -immunosupressive therapy
    • -trade-off
  3. Other Immune Disorders: Cancer:
    Sometimes the immune system can kill cancerous cells

    Immunotherapy: research/development in using the immune system to fight cancer

    • example:
    • -Gardasil
  4. Other Immune Disorders: Congenital immune deficiencies:
    • examples:
    • -Severe combined immunodeficiency disorder
    • (SCID)
    • No T or B cells (bubble boy)

    • -Digeorge syndrome
    • No T cells
    • B cells are present, but can't respond
  5. Other Immune Disorders: Acquired immune deficienceis
    • examples:
    • -Cancer
    • -Drugs
    • -AIDS
  6. Acquired Immune Deficiency--Cancer
    There are B and T cancers

    These immune cells do not respond properly
  7. Acquired Immune Deficiency--Drugs
    • Transplant patients--immunosuppresive therpay
    • -to avoid transplant rejection

    • Chemotherapy for cancer patients
    • -destroys immune cells
  8. Acquired Immune Deficiency--AIDS
    see AIDS file
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