Psych 202

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  1. Factors Influencng stress
    • control: victims of abuse
    • predictabilty: expectations
    • competency: prepared
    • social support: family
  2. Pychological Reactions to stress
    • sickness
    • heart disease
    • ulcers
  3. Define Pressure
    • expectations or demands that you behave in a certain way
    • paternal
    • peers
  4. Define Change
    noticeable alterations in one's livng conditons
  5. What are the three types of conflict?
    • Approach Approach two good things to choose from
    • Avoidance Avoidance two bad things to choose from
    • Aproach avoidance one thing to choose that is good and bad
  6. When does frustration occur
    when we want something we can't have
  7. 4 types of stress
    • conflct
    • frustration
    • change
    • pressure
  8. Define Stress
    any circumstance that threatens one's well being and hinders the persons coping ability
  9. Gender differenecs in itelligence
    • men have better spatial skills
    • women have better verbal skills
  10. What are the 7 intelligences?
    • logical/mathematical
    • linguistc
    • musical
    • spatial
    • bodily kinesthetic
    • interpersonal
    • intrapersonal
  11. Problem solving
    • difficult to test
    • involves puzzles reaction time proccess
  12. Sahir Whorf hpothesis
    language influences though
  13. DSM & Homosexuality
    1970s psychology considered homosexuals deviant
  14. What are the 3 phases of sexual response?
    • excitement
    • plateau
    • orgasm
  15. Kinsey
    1950s zoologist who studied wasps
  16. Opposite of Love is
  17. What are the physical charaterisitics to changes in the Sympathetic Nervous System
    • dilated puils
    • increased heartrate
    • rapid breating
    • persiration
    • hgher blood pressure
    • goose bumps
  18. What is the function of the Sympathetc Nerous system?
    • prepares body for emergency action
    • fight or flight respone
  19. What is the evolutionary theory of mate selection?
    • Women reproductive capacity is limited
    • - older males who have resources

    • Men produce sperm all of their lives
    • -youthful and attractive as signs of reproductive abilty
  20. Abnormal Psychology
    behavior when it goes wrong
  21. What three things must occur for behavor to be abnormal?
    • extreme
    • maladaptive
    • personal distress
  22. Define Anxiety Disorders
    • occursin situatons that most people can handle easily
    • -panic attacks
  23. What are Phobias?
    fears so intense that they interfere wit our daly lives that are secific and we know are irrational
  24. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
    • obsession - overwhelming desire to do something
    • compulsive-overwhelming desire to do something
  25. Define Affective disorders
    • disorders of mood:
    • -depression
    • -mania
    • -manic depression
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