Pajama game 3

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    No beer for me.
    It gives me the heartburn something awful
    (Hines enters)

    Hines: Me too.
  2. Mabel: You!
    (Hines cresses to Manel’s desk)
    Poopsie: You gonna do your
    knife throwing act this year Mr Hines?
    Hines; I suppose so.

    • (Gladys enters with a ledger and a note)
    • There always seems to be a demand for it.
  3. Poopsie: Was you honest on the real stage?
    Gladys: That’s where I first met him Poopsie. He was throwing knives at a woman at the Majestic Theatre.
    Poopsie: Is Mr Hasler in the office?
    Gladys: No. Mabel: Here, one hard earned dollar,
    and I hope the ham aint as salty as it was at the last union picnic. I was dried up for a week after.
    Poopsie: Thanks (exits)
    • (Gladys puts note on the table and Hines looks suspiciously)
    • Hines: What’re you doing, leaving him a note? Huh?
    • (Gladys gives him a dirty look)
    • Carrying on with Sorokin, huh?
  4. Gladys: Oh Vernon!
    (Turns her head away from him)
    • Hines:
    • I sew you leave that note on his desk.
    • I’m not blind.
    • (Mabel listens)
    • That’s why you wore that low neck dress to work today.
  5. Gladys: You make me scream.
    Vernon-you just make me scream.
    • Hines: (crossing to desk)
    • All right, then, what’s in it?
    • I dare you to tell me what’s in it.
  6. Gladys: (handing it to him)
    Read it, then go and cut your throat.
    Hines: (taking the note and reading it)

    • “Okey payroll.
    • Seven thousand, five hundred and two dollars and one cent”
  7. Gladys: That means I love you in Morse code.
    Mabel: Ain’t you ashamed of yourself, Heinzie?
    Gladys: Now that we got that settled…do you think you could trust me as far as the ladies room?
    Hines: (crosses and sites)

    • I’ll never be jealous again,
    • Mabel-never.
  8. Gladys: Maybe I’ll give you cause some day. (exits)

    Mabel: Oh Heinzie, Heinzie.
    • Hines:
    • I learned my lesion.
    • I’ll never be jealous again.
  9. Mabel: (pointing)
    You stick to it now.
    Hines: Absolutely!

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