English 9 Pre-AP Vocab

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  1. Abstract
    Not applied or practical
  2. Absolute statement
  3. Absurd as in the Theater of the Absurd
    an absurd thought
  4. Acrostic
    A series of lines in which particular letters, when taken out in order, spell a word
  5. Aestheticism
    An exagerated devotion to the arts
  6. Affective fallacy/intentional fallacy
    A proposition that a poem be analyzed in terms of its internal structure
  7. Agrarian
    rural agriculture
  8. Allegory
    A symbolic narrative
  9. Alliteration
    When two or more words that are close begin with the same letter or sound
  10. Allusion/illusion
    A passing or casual reference
  11. Ambiguity
    Uncertainty of meaning
  12. Amplification (rhetorical)
    Expansion of a statement
  13. Anachronism/anachrony
    A discrepancy between the order of events in a story and the way they're presented in plot
  14. Analepsis/prolepsis/ellipsis
    Recovery of strength after sickness/the use of descriptive word in anticipation of it's becoming applicable
  15. Anagnorisis
    The critical moment of discovery
  16. Anaphora
    Repetition of a word or words at the beginning of two or more successive verses
  17. Anecdote
    a short account of a particular incident of an interesting nature
  18. Antagonist
    The villain or nemesis of the protagonist
  19. Antihero
    A protagonist who lacks the attributes that make a herioc figure
  20. Antimasque
    A comic performance, as a dance, before or between acts of a masque
  21. Antinovel
    A literary work in which the author rejects the use of traditional elements of novel structure
  22. Antistrophe
    The second of two metrically corresponding systems in a poem/ alternating meter in a poem
  23. Antithesis
    The direct opposite
  24. Antithetical criticism
    Looking at the author's story in opposition to their intent
  25. Antonomasia
    The identification of a person by an appellative that is not the person's name
  26. Aphorism
    Short statement telling truth about life
  27. Apocalypse
    Any revelation or prophecy
  28. Appollonian
    Serene, calm or well-balanced/ defined or classic beauty
  29. Aporia
    The expression of a simulated or real doubt in writing
  30. Aposiopesis
    A sudden breaking off in the midst of a sentence using "-"
  31. Archetypical criticism/archetype
    Looking at the work through archetype
  32. Assonance
    Repetition of vowel sounds in a word
  33. Asyndeton
    The omission of usual conjunctions
  34. Aubade
    Lyrical song about two lovers who must separate at dawn
  35. Avante-garde
    Unorthodox or daring
  36. Baroque
    Extravagently ornate, florid, and convoluted in style
  37. Bathos/pathos/ethos
    • Bathos - being humorous unintentionally through irony
    • Pathos - emotional response to a passage
    • Ethos - writing technique where personality of speaker comes out to convince you of something
  38. Bildungsroman
    Type of novel concerned with the education development and maturing of a young protagonist
  39. Black humor
    Humor that considers human existence as ironic but comic
  40. Bombast
    Speech too pompous for an occasion
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