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  1. Bulk-Forming:
    Methycellulose [Citrucel]
    • swells in water
    • forms a viscous gel
    • stimulates peristalsis
    • (softens feces)
    • Group III: soft-formed stool in 1-3 days
  2. Surfactant:
    Docusate Sodium [Colace]
    • Group III: formed, soft stool in 1-3 days
    • decreases surface tension of feces (detergent)
    • water more able to enter feces
    • water and electrolytes secreted into lumen
    • (softens feces)
    • (does not stimulate peristalsis)
  3. Stimulant:
    Bisacodyl [Dulcolax]
    • Group II: semi-fluid stool in 6-12 hrs
    • stimulates intestinal motility (peristalsis)
    • increases water into lumen
  4. Osmotic:
    Magnesium Hydroxide [MOM]
    • Group I (high dose): Rapid fluid evac in 2-6 hrs
    • Group II (low dose): semifluid stool in 6-12 hrs
    • poorly absorbed, draws water into lumen
    • feces swells and stimulates peristalsis
  5. Group I Laxatives
    • Acts rapidly, within 2-6hrs
    • Watery consistency to stool
    • Useful for preparing bowel for diagnostic procedures or surgery
  6. Group II Laxatives
    • Intermediate latency (6-12 hrs)
    • Semifluid stool
    • Treat constipaton and prevent straining
  7. Group III Laxatives
    • Act slowly (1-3 days)
    • Soft, formed stool
    • Treats constipation and prevents straining
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