Winter Twigs

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  1. american basswood
  2. bitternut

    sulfer looking bud color
  3. black walnut

    monkey face scar with eyebrows!
  4. cucumber tree

    pronounced stipule scars
  5. green ash

    semi cicular shaped scar
  6. red oak

    clustered buds at top of twig
  7. spice bush

    very fragrant
  8. sycamore

    • donut shaped leaf scar
    • zig zag twig
  9. white ash

    cresant shaped scar
  10. winterberry
  11. tulip tree

    pronounced stipule scars
  12. tree of heaven

    large scars and pith
  13. sugar maple

    narrow v shaped leaf scar
  14. staghorn sumac

    fuzzy twig surface
  15. silky dogwood

    dark pith
  16. red osier dogwood

    lighter color pith
  17. red maple

    narrow v shaped leaf scar
  18. prickly ash
  19. black oak

    clustered buds top of twig
  20. black elderberry
  21. trembling aspen
  22. sassafrass

    fragrant twig
  23. norway maple

    narrow v shaped leaf scar
  24. flowering dogwood

    unique flower bud shape
  25. black ash

    circular shape scar
  26. bitternut hickory

    sulfer yellow bud
  27. bigtooth aspen
  28. american beech

    cigar shaped buds

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Winter Twigs
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Winter Twigs
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