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    Muhammad Placing the Black Stone on his Cloak, illuminated manuscript, 1315
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    mosque lamp, glass, Egypt c. 1329-1335
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    Taj-Mahal, India, 1632-1647
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    The Last Judgment, tympanum-west portal, Sainte-Foy, France, c. 1065
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    Effigy tomb of Eleanor of Aquitaine, Fontevrault Abbey, France, c. 1202
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    palace chapel at Aachen, Odo of Metz, c. 792-805
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    Exterior-Chartres Cathedral, France, c. 1134-1513
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    Flying buttresses, Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Paris, c. 1211-1290
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    The Tree of Jesse window, Chatres Cathedral, France, c. 1150-1170
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    Jamb statues, west portal, Chatress Cathedral, France, c. 1145-1170
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    Knight and a Lady playing chess, ivory mirror case, France, c.1300-1325
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    Prudence, marble sculpture, pulpit of Pisa Cathedral, Giovanni Pisano, Italy, 1302-1310
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    Allegory of Good Government, fresco in the Palazzo Pubblico, Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Siena, 1338-1339
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    Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (The Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry), illuminated manuscript by the Limbourg brothers, made in France by Dutch artists, c. 1410
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    Vitruvian Man, pen and ink, Da Vinci, 1487
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    Sacrifice of Isaac, gilt bronze relief for the doors of the Babtistery of Florence, Ghiberti, 1401-1402
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    dome of Florence Cathedral, Brunelleschi, dome 1420-1436, lantern c.1446
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    Birth of Venus, tempera on canvas, Boticelli, c. 1486, Florence
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    Merode Altarpiece, oil on panel, Robert Campin, Flemish, c. 1426
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    Giovanni Arnolfini and His Wife Giovanna Cenami, oil on panel, Jan van Eyck, Flemish, c.1434
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    The Large Turf, watercolor, Albrecht Dürer, German, c. 1503
  22. Characteristics of Islam
    • Concentration on the written word. Calligraphy.
    • Aniconic
    • Koran text is written everywhere. Shows that Allah is everywhere.
    • Repeating complex pattern. submission to rituals, used as meditation.
  23. Characteristics of Early Medieval
    • borrowing from the Romans.
    • everything was used for teaching
    • church dominates
    • god over individual
  24. Characteristics of Late Gothic
    • Christian theme
    • verticallity (god)
    • pilgrimage
    • courtly love
  25. Characteristics of Proto Renaissance
    • rationality
    • humanism
    • complexity
    • fascination with the classical world
    • expanded roles of women
    • Individualism
  26. Characteristics of Florentine Renaissance
    • Rationality
    • humanism
    • complexity
    • fascination with the classical world
    • expanded roles of women
    • individualism
  27. Characteristics of Northern Renaissance
    • Humanism
    • complexity
    • rationality
    • materialism
    • fascination with classical world
    • expanded roles for women
    • individualism
  28. Venetian and Roman/ Vatican Renaissance
    • Rationality
    • humanism
    • complexity
    • fascination with thte classical world
    • indiviualism
    • expanded roles of women
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