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  1. domestic cat
    Felis catus
  2. ocelot
    Leopardus wiedii
  3. bobcat
    Lynx rufus
  4. jaguar
    Panthera onca
  5. Cougar
    Puma concolor
  6. jaguarundi
    Puma yagouaroundi
  7. dog
    Canis familiaris
  8. coyote
    Canis latrans
  9. gray wolf
    Canis lupus
  10. red wolf
    Canis rufus
  11. gray fox
    Urocyon cinereoargenteus
  12. swift fox
    Vulpes velox
  13. red fox
    Vulpes vulpes
  14. american black bear
    Ursus americanus
  15. brown bear
    Ursus arctos
  16. northern river otter
    Lontra canadensis
  17. long tailed weasel
    Mustela frenata
  18. black footed ferret
    Mustela nigripes
  19. domestic ferret
    mustela putorius
  20. American mink
    mustela vison
  21. American badger
    Taxidea taxus
  22. North american hog nosed skunk
    Conepatus leuconotus
  23. Hooded skunk
    Mephitis macroura
  24. striped skunk
    Mephitis memphitis
  25. Spotted skunk
  26. ringtail
    Bassariscus astutus
  27. white nosed coati
    Nasua narica
  28. Northern raccoon
    Procyon lotor
  29. Black tailed jackrabbit
    Lepus californicus
  30. Other cotton tails
  31. texas antelope squirrel
    Ammospermophilus interpres
  32. black tailed prairie dog
    cynomys ludovicianus
  33. southern flying squirrel
    Glaucomys volans
  34. eastern gray squirrel
    Sciurus carolinenses
  35. eastern fox squirrel
    Sciurus niger
  36. Mexican ground squirrel
    spermophilus mexicanus
  37. spotted ground squirrel
    spermophilus spilosoma
  38. thirteen lined ground squirrel
    spermophilus tridecemlineatus
  39. rock squirrel
    spermophilus variegatus
  40. gray footed chipmunk
    tamis canipes
  41. american beaver
    caster canadensis
  42. hispid pocket mouse
    chaetodipus hispidus
  43. gulf coast kangoroo rat
    dipodomys compactus
  44. Texas kangaroo rat
    dipodomys elator
  45. Merriam's kangaroo rat
    dipodomys merriami
  46. Ords kangaroo rat
    dipodomys ordii
  47. banner tailed kangaroo rat
    dipodomys spectabilis
  48. mexican spiny pocket mouse
    liomys irroratus
  49. yellow faced pocket gopher
    cratogeomys castonops
  50. Bottas pocket gopher
    thomomys bottae
  51. northern pygmy mouse
    Baiomys taylori
  52. Mixican vole
    microtus mexicanus
  53. prairie vole
    microtus ochrogaster
  54. woodland vole
    Microtus pinetorum
  55. golden mouse
    ochrotomys nuttalli
  56. muskrat
    ondatra zibethicus
  57. Mearns grasshopper mouse
    Onychomys arenicola
  58. northern grasshopper mouse
    Onychomy leucogastor
  59. Coues rice rat
    Oryzomys couesi
  60. Marsh rice rat
    Oryzomys palustris
  61. hispid cotton rat
    sigmodon hispidus
  62. yllow nosed cotton rat
    sigmodon ochrognathus
  63. house mouse
    Mus musculus
  64. north american porcupine
    Erethizon dorsatum
  65. nutria
    myocastor coypus
  66. ass
    equus asinus
  67. horse
    equus caballus
  68. north atlantc right whale
    eubalaena glacialis
  69. humpback whale
    Megaptera novaeangliae
  70. short beaked saddleback dolphin
    delphinus delphis
  71. pygmy killer whale
    Feresa attenuata
  72. Rissos dolphin
    Grampus griseus
  73. killer whale
    Orcinus orca
  74. Striped dolphin
    Stenella coeruleoalba
  75. rough toothed whale
    steno bredanensis
  76. bottlenosed dolphin
    Tursiops truncatus
  77. sperm whale
    physeter catodon
  78. Blainsville's beaked whale
    Mesoplodon densirostris

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