CH 22-24 Vocabulary

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  1. menial
    not requiring special skills or higher intellectual abilities
  2. empathy
    the ability to share in someone else's feelings or thoughts
  3. transcend
    to rise above or go beyond the limits; exceed
  4. commemorate
    to honor the memory of someone or something, as with a ceremony; celebrate; observe
  5. waive
    to willingly give up (as a claim, privilege, or right); do without
  6. consensus
    an opinion held by everyone (or almost everyone) involved
  7. complacent
    self-satisfied; feeling too much satisfaction with oneself or one's accomplishments
  8. diligent
    steady, determined and careful in work
  9. niche
    an activity or situation especially suited to a person
  10. deplete
    to use up
  11. gist
    the main point or essential part of a matter; central idea
  12. falter
    to act or speak with uncertainty; hesitate
  13. hamper
    to limit, interfere with, or restrict
  14. frenzy
    a wild outburst of excited feelings or actions
  15. viable
    workable; capable of being successful or effective
  16. paradox
    a statement that seems contradictory yet may be true
  17. repertoire
    a range or collection of skills or accomplishments
  18. bizarre
    dramatically unusual, as in manner or appearance; strange
  19. conducive
    tending to promote or bring about
  20. flaunt
    to show off
  21. mis-
  22. rect
  23. aster-, astro-
    star, outer space
  24. pop
  25. -er, or-
    someone who (does something)
  26. geo-
  27. the, theo-
    god or a god
  28. omni-
  29. -gamy
  30. contra-
    against; contrasting; opposite
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