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  1. contour plowing, terracing, no till farming, and cover crops are forms of...
    soil conservation
  2. phyisical weathering is made by wind, water, and ice. Chemical weathering is made by acids. True or false?
  3. there are three types of volcanoes. Cinder cone, composite, and ____________
  4. earthquakes occur along _________ plates.
  5. in a normal fault the hanging wall goes down. in a reverse fault, the hanging wall goes ________
  6. three deformations of earths crust are...
    • compression
    • tension
    • folding
  7. convergent boundaries, divergent boundaries, and transform boundaries are all theries of _______________
    plate tectonics
  8. the supercontinent that broke apart many years ago is called________
  9. what is the middle layer?
  10. what is the very inside of the earth?
  11. which is the outer layer of the earth?
  12. eon, eras, epoch are all ....
    divisions of time
  13. when there is a rock layer missing it is called a
  14. a break in the geologic record is an...
  15. an arrangement of rock layers in which the oldest rocks are at the bottom
    geologic column
  16. when scientists think that younger rocks lie above older rocks if the layers have not been disturbed
  17. __________ is any method of determining whether an event or object is older or younger than other events or objects
    relative dating
  18. catastrophism
    a principle that states that geologic change occurs suddenly
  19. a principle that states that geologic processes that occured in the past can be explained by current geologic processes.
  20. natural resources are from the earth.
    renewable resources can be _______ again.
    Nonrenewable resources are NOT ________ again.
    • made
    • used
  21. three types of rock are
    • sedimentary
    • igneous
    • metamorphic
  22. Layers of rock are called ___________.
  23. Intrusive igneous rock is from inside the surface, so extrusive is from ___________.
    outside the earth's surface
  24. composition is the ________________ of a rock. It describes either the minerals or other materials in a rock.
    chemical makeup
  25. Rock:
    a naturally occuring solid mixture of one or more minerals
  26. _______, _______, and ______ are ways that the earth's surface is weathered.
    weathering, erosion, and deposition
  27. ________ and _______ start with a d and an h.
    They are two factors of minerals.
    density and hardness
  28. Streak:
    the color of the powder of a mineral
  29. ___________ are naturally formed, inorganic solids that have a definite crystalline structure.
  30. Topographic Map
    A map that shows the surface features of the Earth
  31. What does global positioning system stand for?
  32. What map projection do scientists use to make a map of the United states?
    Conic projection
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