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  1. spinal nerve
  2. pia mater
  3. medial canthus
  4. lateral canthus
  5. lens
  6. macula lutea
  7. ganglion cell layer
  8. stapes
  9. oval window

  10. What phenomenon do the indicated structures sense?
    dynamic equilibrium
  11. cochlear duct
  12. What are clusters of neuronal cell bodies in the peripheral nervous system called?
  13. What type of glial cell is responsible for acting as phagocytic cells in the central nervous system?
  14. body
  15. In the PhysioEx exercise, what was the effect of ether on the nerve?
  16. interthalamic adhesion
  17. post-central gyrus
  18. choroid plexus (of the fourth ventricle)
  19. choroid plexus (of the third ventricle)
  20. anterior

  21. Is the indicated structure composed of sensory neurons, motor neurons, or both?
    sensory only
  22. lateral ventricle
  23. periosteum
  24. subdural space
  25. lateral funiculus
  26. levator palpebrae superioris muscle
  27. lateral rectus muscle
  28. choroid
  29. retina

  30. What phenomenon do the indicated structures sense?
    static equilibrium
  31. hair cells
  32. epineurium

  33. Which labeled portion of the diagram corresponds to the resting potential of the axon?
  34. anterior commisure
  35. thalamus
  36. posterior
  37. third ventricle
  38. arachnoid villus
  39. cervical spinal nerves
  40. posterior horn
  41. palpebral fissure
  42. excretory ducts of the lacrimal gland
  43. optic nerve
  44. ora serrata retinae
  45. malleus
  46. spiral organ of Corti

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ap lab 4-3
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