Chapter 8 Earthquakes

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  1. ________the study of earthquakes
  2. _______the bending, tilting, and breaking of the Earth's crust; the change in the shape of rock in response to stress
  3. _______the sudden return of elastically deformed rock to its undeformed shape
    elastic rebound
  4. _________a seismic wave that causes particles of rock to move in a side-to-side direction
    S wave
  5. _________a seismic wave that causes particles of rock to move in a back-and-forth direction
    P wave
  6. __________a wave of energy that travels through the Earth, away from an earthquake in all directions.
    seismic wave
  7. __________the point along a fault at which the first motion of an earthquake occurs
  8. ___________the point of Earth's surface directly above an earthquake's starting point, or focus
  9. __________a tracing of earthquake motion that is created by a seismograph
  10. __________an instrument that records vibrations in the ground and determines the location and strength of an earthquake
  11. ____________a hypothesis that is based on the idea that a major earthquake is more likely to occur along the part of an active fault where no earthquakes have occurred for a certain period of time
    gap hypothesis
  12. _____________an area along a fault where relatively few earthquakes have occurred recently but where strong earthquakes have occurred in the past
    seismic gap
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