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  1. Function of Reproductive system?
    produce, nourish, store and transport gametes
  2. what secretes testosterone and other androgens?
    interstitial cells
  3. If a high level of progesterone and inhibin
    low level of FSH and LH what uterine cycle ?
    secretory phase
  4. what structures make up the vulva?
    • mons pubis
    • labia minora
    • clitoris
    • labia majora
  5. projections of tunica albuginea (septae) devide teh testis into what ?
  6. where does milk production occur in mammary gland?
  7. During spermatogenesis, when do cells begin meiosis?
  8. sperm formation supporting cells?
    sertoli cells
  9. Stages of follicular development (in order?)
    • primordial
    • primary
    • secondary
    • graafian
    • ovulation
  10. part of female reproductive system shed every month during menses?
    stratum functionalis of endometrium
  11. what structures are included in reproductive system?
    • gonads and external genitalia
    • ducts recieving adn transport gametes
    • accessory glands and organs secrete fluids
  12. signs of ovulation?
    • change in cervical mucous
    • cervix softens
    • mittelschmerz
  13. when does crossing over /recombination of genes occur?
    meiosis 1
  14. what hormone promotes spermatogenesis along seminerous tubules?
  15. external marking of boundary between two chambers of scrotum?
  16. central space bounded by labia minora
  17. during what stage of spermatogenesis are daughter cells produced?
  18. cause of contraction of dartos muscle?
    wrinkling of scrotal sac
  19. the fleshy folds encircling and partially concealing teh labia minora and vestibular structures?
    labia majora
  20. fold of skin covering glans penis
  21. major funciton of accessory glands of male reproductive system
    • activate sperm
    • provide nutrients to sperm for motility
    • propell sperm and fld along reproductive tract
    • produce buffer
  22. straight tubles originate at seminiferous tubules and form a maze of passageways that are called?
    rete testis
  23. mass of erectile tissue located anterior to labia minora?
  24. what phase of meiosis do chromatids separate?
    anaphase 2
  25. what is contained in seminiferous tubules?
    • spermatogonia
    • primary adn secondary spermatocytes
    • sprmatids
  26. erectile tissue surrounding urethra
    corpus spongiosum
  27. during secretory phase of menses what happens?
    glands enlarge and accelerare rate of secretion
  28. what happens with moderate levels of estrogen in females?
    inhibit LH
  29. when is DNA replicated?
    interphase 1
  30. process of spermatogenesis produces what?
  31. isthmus of uterine tube
  32. labia majora
  33. labia minora
  34. labia minora
  35. labia minora
  36. mons pubis
  37. mons pubis
  38. myometrium of uterus
  39. myometrium
  40. myometrium
  41. myometrium
  42. ovarian ligament
  43. ovarian ligament
  44. ovarian ligament
  45. ovary
  46. ovary
  47. ovary
  48. perimetrium of uterus
  49. perimetrium
  50. perimetrium
  51. prepuce
  52. dark pigmented skin surround nipple
  53. rete testis connect to epididymis by what structure?
    efferent ducts
  54. hormone secretede by corpus luteum?
  55. what pituitary hormone stimulates the interstitial cells to secrete testosterone ?
  56. what happens during mitosis?
    one daugther cell from each division is pushed toward seminiferous tubule
  57. erectile tissue located anterior to flaccid penis?
    corpora cavernosa
  58. spermatic cord consists of what structures?
    • ductus deferens
    • blood vessels, nerves and lymphatics that serve testis
  59. which cells are diploid?
    primary spermatocytes
  60. what triggers menses?
    drop in estrogen and progesterone levels
  61. what causes ejaculation?
    contractions of muscle surrounding corpus spongiosum and corpora cavernosa
  62. where do primary oocyte and follicle cells form?
  63. scrotum
    fleshy pouch suspended below perineum and anterior to anus
  64. what secretes estrogen?
    developing follicle cells
  65. dense layer of connective tissue surrounding testis
    tunica albuginea
  66. what would happen to semen if prostate gland was removed?
    semen with higher then normal pH
  67. in males what role does follicle stimulating hormone have ?
    initiate sperm production in testes
  68. function of estrogen?
    • stimulate bone and muscle growth
    • maintaine female secondary sex characteristics
    • maintain function of accessory reproductive glands and organs
    • initiate repair and growth of endometrium
  69. what hormone does leydig cells produce?
  70. where do ovaries connect to blood vessels?
  71. damage to rete testis ?
    non mature sperm
  72. pituitary hormone that stimulates interstitial cells to secrete testosterone?
  73. primary follicle
  74. primary follicle
  75. primary follicle
  76. primary oocyte
  77. primary oocyte
  78. primary oocyte
  79. primary oocyte
  80. primary spermatocyte
  81. primordial follicle
  82. round ligament
  83. rugae
  84. rugae
  85. simple columnar epithelium
  86. stratum basalis
  87. stratum functionalis
  88. uterine cavity
  89. uterine cavity
  90. uterine cavity
  91. uterine tube
  92. uterine tube
  93. uterine tube

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