Reproductive 4

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  1. fimbriae
  2. fundus of uterus
  3. fundus of uterus
  4. germinal epithelium
  5. graafian follicle
  6. hilus
  7. hymen
  8. infundibulum of uterine tube
  9. infundibulum
  10. internal os
  11. internal os
  12. internal os
  13. internal os
  14. isthmus of uterine tube
  15. labia majora
  16. labia majora
  17. labia majora
  18. labia minora
  19. labia minora
  20. labia minora
  21. lactiferous duct opening
  22. lactiferous duct
  23. lactiferous duct
  24. lactiferous sinus
  25. lactiferous sinus

  26. what layer?
  27. lobe
  28. lobule
  29. A boy not passing through puberty and anterior pituitary is injured. FSH is not released anymore but LH is normal. After the boy is mature what would happen?
    he would be sterile
  30. when does DNA replicate?
    meiosis 1
  31. At the time of birth the ovaries contain what?
    only primary oocytes
  32. oogonia?
    ova that develops from stem cells
  33. when is the first meiotic division complete?
    jsut prior to ovulation
  34. waht moves sperm along ductus deferens?
    peristaltic contractions
  35. when does oogenesis begin in females
    before birth
  36. what is tunica vaginalis?
    peice of peritoneum descending with testes into scrotal sac allowing for easy movement of testes
  37. what helps to move oocyte into and through uterine tube?
    • peristalsis
    • cilia
    • fimbriae
  38. structures found in spermatic cord?
    • spermatic vessels
    • nerves
    • lympahtic vessels
    • ductus deferens
  39. long term compression of spermatic artery and vein results in what?
    • decrease blood flow to testes
    • sterility
    • impotence
    • decrease blood level of testosterone
  40. mammary duct
  41. mammary duct
  42. medulla
  43. mons pubis
  44. mons pubis

  45. layer?
  46. myometrium
  47. nipple
  48. ovarian ligament
  49. ovary
  50. ovary

  51. what is happening in this stage?
    what is happening in this stage? ovulation
  52. perimetrium

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