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  1. What is the common disorder of the biliary system?
  2. Most gallstones are composed primarily of?
  3. If a gallstone blocks the cystic duct, the pt will have brown stools & symptoms of?
    biliary colic
  4. Factors that cause stasis of bile flow lead to?
  5. Obstructive jaundice occurs when gallstones obstruct the?
    common bile duct
  6. Risk factors for gallstones?
    • family hx of gallbladder disease
    • multiparous female
    • obesity
    • over 40
    • use estrogen or birth control pills
  7. Clinical manifestations of jaundice in obstruction of common bile duct?
    no bile flow into duodenium
  8. Clinical manifestion of clay-colored stools in the obstruction of common bile duct?
    no bilirubin reaching small intestine to be converted to urobilinogen
  9. clinical manifestation of dark urine obstruction of common bile duct?
    soluble bilirubin in urine (foams when shaken)
  10. Clinical manifestion of steatorrhea in the obstruction of common bile duct?
    no bile salts in duodenum, preventing fat emulsion and digestion
  11. Clinical manifestion of pain with fatty food intake when obstruction of common bile duct?
    contraction of inflamed gallbladder and obstructed ducts
  12. What is the rationale for using NPO & NG suctions for the tx of acute cholecystitis?
    prevent gallbladder stimulation by food or fluids moving into the duodenum
  13. What is the rationale using antibiotics for tx of acute cholecystitis?
    inflammation of the gladdbladder may be caused by bacterial infection or lead to bacterial colonization
  14. What is the rationale for using antispasmodics for the tx of acute cholecystitis?
    counteract smooth muscle spasms of the bile duct
  15. What is endoscopic sphincterotomy?
    stones removed through sphincter of Oddi
  16. What is lithotripsy?
    external shock waves disintegrate stones
  17. What is methyl tertiary terbutal ether (MTBE)?
    cholesterol solvent injected directly
  18. What is chenodeoxycholic acid?
    administered orally to dissolve stones and reduce cholesterol saturation
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