Mkt Ch.2.2

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  1. Marketing program
    blends all of the firm's marketing plans into one big plan.
  2. Customer equity
    the expected earnings stream (profitability) of a firm's current and prospective customers over some period of time.
  3. Attractive opportunities
    those that the firm has some chance of doing something about - given it's resources and objectives.
  4. breakthrough opportunities
    opportunities that help innovators develop hard-to-copy marketing strategies that will be very profitable for a long time.
  5. competitive advantage
    a firm has a marketing mix that the target market sees as better than a competitors mix.
  6. differentiation
    the marketing mix is distinct from and better than what is available from a competitor.
  7. Types of Marketing Opportunities:
    market penetration
    taking current products and trying to expand in the current market.
  8. market development
    taking a current product into a new market
  9. product development
    taking a new product into the current
  10. diversification
    taking a new product into a new market.
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