Henry Bracken

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  1. Henry Bracken views what?
    Racism in a history point
  2. Congential?
    • Just by birth is inferior
    • (Your skin color)
  3. Linguistic?
    Didn't speak western english you were inferior
  4. David Hume?
    Was racist who believed negroes were missing brain
  5. Cartesian?
    Rational having soul
  6. Empiricist?
    Have no soul
  7. R.H. Popkin?
    • Racist
    • Believed black people are apes even though they look like humans
  8. Pre-Adamites?
    People not protected by God
  9. Adamites?
    People protected by God
  10. Voltaire?
    • Racist
    • Advocated white race is inferior to others
  11. Darwin?
    • Racist
    • Wanted to separate the white species from blacks
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