Reproductive 7

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    primary spermatocyte
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    primary spermatocyte
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    primary spermatocyte
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    primary spermatocyte
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    primary spermatocyte
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    prostate gland
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    prostate gland
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    prostatic urethra
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    prostatic urethra
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    prostatic urethra
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    prostatic urethra
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    prostatic urethra
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    rete testis
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    root of penis
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    root of penis
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    root of penis
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    root of penis
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    scrotal sac
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    scrotal septum
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    scrotal septum
  22. ovary function?
    • secrete hormones
    • produce oocytes
    • form immature gametes
    • secrete inhibin
  23. structure that surrounds urethra and produces acidic secretion in males?
    prostate gland
  24. when does oogenesis begin?
    before birth
  25. function of FSH in male?
    stimulate spermatogenesis
  26. location of oocyte growth and meiosis 1?
    ovarian follicles
  27. fructose rich fluid is formed where?
    seminal vesicles
  28. matched set of four chromatids are called ?
  29. small paired structure at base of penis produces lubricating secretion?
    bulbourethral glands
  30. completion of meiosis in males forms four spermatids which contain how many chromosomes?
    23 chromosomes
  31. muscular tube extending between uterus adn external genitalia?
  32. path of sperm flow through ducts of testis?
    • seminiferous tubules
    • straight tubule
    • rete teste
    • efferent duct
    • ductus epididymis
    • ductus vas deferens
  33. structure extending from uterus to medial surface of ovary?
    ovarian ligament
  34. when is endometrium the thickest?
    late in postovulatory phase
  35. when is progesterone levels highest during menstrual cycle?
    late in postovulatory phase
  36. what causes repair of endometrium during preovulatory phase of menses?
    rising levels of estrogen
  37. what produces progesterone?
    corpus luteum
  38. external sac enclosing testis?
  39. main function of progesterone during menses?
    thicken endometrium
  40. if NO fertilization what happens to corpus luteum?
    degenerates itto corpus albicans
  41. where are erectile tissue masses located in females?
  42. layer of uterus that replaces tissue lost during menses?
    stratum basalis
  43. how many chromosomes do gametes have?
    a single set of chromosomes
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    secondary spermatocyte
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    secondary spermatocyte
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    secondary spermatocyte
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    secondary spermatocyte
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    secondary spermatocyte
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    secondary spermatocyte
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    secondary spermatocyte
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