Bio-chaps. 10-11

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  1. Prokaryotes Areas of Regulations
    Operon & Repressor
  2. Eukaryotes Areas of Regulation
    • Transcription
    • Post- Transcription
    • Translation
    • Post- Translation
  3. Semiconservative Nature
    In replication, the new DNA strands consist of the double helix that is the original strand and the other strand in the double helix is newly formed
  4. Charagaff's Rule
    In any DNA molecule 50% are purines and 50% are pyrimidines
  5. Watson and Crick's Model
    Came up with the structure of the DNA molecule (the spiral shape)
  6. Genetic Mutations
    Frameshift & Point
  7. Chromosomal Mutations
    • 1. Inversions
    • 2. Deletions
    • 3. Duplication
    • 4. Translocations
  8. Complementary Pairing
    The DNA is held together by hydrogen bonds
  9. rRNA
    Ribosomal built by the nucleolus used to produce ridosomes
  10. tRNA
    Bringing the correct amino acids to the ribosome
  11. mRNA
    messenger built by coping DNA
  12. Steps in Replication
    • Enzyme Helicase
    • Enzyme Complex
    • Enzyme Ligase
  13. Requirments for the Heritable Material
    • 1.Store Information
    • 2.Be Stable
    • 3.Capable of Undergoing Change
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