German Verbs

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  1. einführen
    to introduce
  2. einkaufen
    to shop
  3. einladen
    to invite
  4. eintreten
    to enter, stop into
  5. fernsehen
    to watch TV
  6. fortfahren
    to depart by vehicle
  7. fortgehen
    to depart on foot
  8. forsetzten
    to continue, set forth
  9. loslassen
    to let go, let loose
  10. loslösen
    to detach
  11. losschneiden
    to cut loose
  12. loswerden
    to get rid of
  13. mitbringen
    to bring along
  14. mitgehen
    to go along
  15. mitkommen
    to come along
  16. mitmachen
    to participate
  17. mitspielen
    to play with
  18. mitteilen
    to inform, tell
  19. macherzählen
    to retell
  20. nachgeben
    to give in
  21. nachschlagen
    to look up
  22. umdrehen
    to turn around
  23. umkippen
    to tip over
  24. umsteigen
    to transfer on a train or bus
  25. umziehen
    to move residences

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German Verbs
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