gluteal muscles

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  1. gluteus maximus
    • o: iliac crest of coxal bone , sacrum and coccyx
    • i: upper- gluteal tuberosity
    • lower: iliotibial tract
    • a: extend rotate thigh laterally
    • inn: inferior gluteal nerve
  2. gluteus medius and minmus
    • o: ilium of coxal bone
    • i: greater trochanter of femur
    • a: abduct and rotate thigh medially
    • inn: superior gluteal nerve
  3. tensor fascia latae
    • o: iliac crest of coxal bone
    • i: iliotibial tract
    • a: flexes and abducts thigh
    • inn: superior gluteal nerve
  4. piriformis
    • o: sacrum
    • i: greater trochanter
    • a: laterally rotate hip and abduct thigh
    • inn: anterior rami S1 to S2
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