Microbiology Unit 8

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  1. Arthropod parasites
    include lice and scabies
  2. Lice
    • caused by pediculus humanus (Body and head louse)
    • Head lice - lice is usually found at the nape of the neck and hairs; eggs are attached to hairs within 1/4 of the scalp. Eggs are called Nits
    • Body lice - cling to all hairs of the body
    • Crab lice - found on pubic hairs
    • Tx: Kwell shampoo with special nit comb
  3. Scabies
    • infectious skin disease
    • vary contagious
    • caused by itch or mange mite
    • intense itching, rash
    • Dx: find the mite which is present in the epidermis of the skin
    • Tx: Permethrin cream and Lindane sulfur compunds
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Arthropod parasites
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