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  1. David Battling Goliath, Early Christian, 630 BCE
  2. Menorahs and the Ark of the Covenant, Early Jewish Art, Early 3rd Century.
  3. Wall with Torah Niche, Early Jewish Art, 245 BCE
  4. The Good Shepherd, Orans,And the story of Jonah, Early Christian, Early 4th
  5. The Good Shepherd, Early Christian Art, Late 3rd.
  6. Church of Santa Sabina, Early Christian, 422-432 BCE
  7. Church of Santa Costanza, Early Christian, 350 BCE
  8. Harvesting of Grapes, Early Christian, 350
  9. Sarcophagus of Constantina, Early Christian, 350
  10. Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus, Early Christian, 350
  11. Hagia Sophia, Byzantine, 532
  12. Church of San Vitale, Early Christian, 546
  13. Christ Enthroned, Church of San Vitale, Early Christian, 547
  14. Emperor Justinian and His Attendants, N. Wall of the Apse, Early Christian, 547
  15. Empress Theodora and Her Attendants, S. Wall of the Apse, Early Christian, 547
  16. Archangel Michael, Early Christian, Early 6th
  17. Rebecca at the Well, Byzantine, Early 6th
  18. Virgin and Child with Saints and Angels, Byzantine, Late 6th
  19. Dome of the Rock, Islamic, 691
  20. Minbar, Islamic, 1130
  21. Mosaic Mihrab, Islamic, 1354
  22. Chi Rho Iota Page from book of Kells, Early Medieval, Late 8th
  23. Gummersmark Brooch, Early Medieval, 6th
  24. Hinged Clasp, From Sutton Hoo Ship, Early Medieval, early 7th
  25. Page with Man, Gospel Book of Durrow, Early Medieval, late 7th
  26. Page with Beginning text of Matthew's Gospel, Early Medieval, 715
  27. Battle of the Bird and the Serpent, Early Medieval, 975, Ende
  28. Gripping Beasts, Oseberg Ship, Early Medieval, 815,
  29. Stave Church, Early Medieval, 1150
  30. Equestrian Portrait of Charles the Bald, Early Medieval, 9th
  31. Palace Chapel of Charlemagne, Carolingian, 800
  32. Weswork, Abbey Church of Corvey, Carolingian, late 9th
  33. Saint Gall Plan, Carolingian, 817
  34. Page with St. Matthew The Evangelist, Coronation Gospels, Carolingian, early 9th

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