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    Otto 1 Presenting Magdeburg Cathedral to Christ, Ottonian, 962
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    Church of St. Cyriakus, Gernrode, Ottonian, 961
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    Gero Crucifix, Ottonian, 970
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    Doors of Bishop Bernward, Abbey Church of St. Michael, Ottonian, 1015
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    Christ and His Disciples on the Road to Emmaus, Ottonian, 1100
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    Cathedral of St. James Santiago de Compostela, Romanesque, 1078
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    Church of Sant Vincenc, Romanesque, 1020
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    Cathedral Complex, Pisa, Romanesque, 1063
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    Church of San Clemente, Romanesque, 1128
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    Last Judgement Tympanum at Autun, Romanesque, 1120
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    Crucifix (Majestat Batllo), Romanesque, mid 12th
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    Virgin and Child, Romanesque, late 12th
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    Tomb cover with effigy of king rudolf of swabia, Romanesque, 1080
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    Bayeaux Tapestry, Romanesque, 1066
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    Book of Homilies, The Nun Guda, Romanesque, early 12th
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    St. Matthew, From Codex Colbertinus, Romanesque, 1100
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    The Flight into Egypt, Gothic, 1140
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    Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Gothic, 1163
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    Royal Portal, West Facade, Chartres Cathedral, Gothic, 1145
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    Rose Window and Lancets, North Transept, Chartres Cathedral, Gothic, 1230
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    Queen Blanche of Castile and King Louis IX, Gothic, 1226
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    Moralizations From The Apocalypse, Gothic, 1226
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    Salisbury Cathedral, Gothic, 1220
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    Church of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Gothic, 1235
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    Shrine of the Three Kings, Gothic, 1205
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    Nicola Pisano Pulpit, Gothic, 1260
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    Giovanni Pisano, Nativity, Gothic, 1302
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    Coppo di Marcovaldo, Crucifix, Gothic, 1250
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    Miracle of the crib at Greccio, Gothic, early 14th
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