USCG - 270' Cutter CIS

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  1. Sewage: Vaccum Colletion Tank
    360 Gals
  2. Sewage: Seal Water Tank
    • 100 Gals
    • Keep temp. under 105° F
  3. Sewage: Holding Tank
    1500 Gals
  4. Sewage: Grey Water Tank
    138 Gals
  5. Ship's Air
    • Lube Oil Purifier (LOP)
    • Fuel Oil Purifier (FOP)
    • Sand Piper Pump
    • Diesel Start Air (DSA)
    • All Air Stations
  6. ASW Sub-Systems
    RO, Sewage, ACs, Fin Stabilizers, Winding Coolers, Jacket Water Cooler, MSW, OWS, Decon Shower, EDG, Shafts, Refers.
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USCG - 270' Cutter CIS
Some questions for the Cold Iron Security (CIS) board on board a 270' long cutter onf the United States Coast Guard.
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