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    • Afghan Hound
    • Temper: lively, friendly, aloof, dignified, high strung, difficult to train, glamorous
    • Long flowing hair.
    • Strength, speed, and power.
    • Height: 25-29inches
    • Weight: 45-60lbs
    • Basenji
    • Temper: cheerful, loving, gentle, self confident, smart, obedient, fastidious
    • Bark-less dog of Africa.
    • Odorless coat.
    • Tail curls tightly over back.
    • Height: 16-17inches
    • Weight: 24lbs
    • Basset Hound
    • Temper: good natured, placid, devoted, more active then it looks, willful
    • Long body, loose skin, long, set ears.
    • Deep, melodious bark.
    • Height: 13-15inches
    • Weight: 40-60lbs
    • Beagle
    • Temper: faithful, energetic, unfailingly good natured, bold
    • Compact, sturdy body.
    • Height: 13-16inches
    • Weight: 18-30lbs
    • Black and Tan Coonhound
    • Temper: methodical tracker
    • Short, thick, shiny, deep black coat with red/brown points.
    • Height: 23-27inches
    • Weight: 50-75lbs
    • Blood Hound
    • Temper: sensitive, lavishly loving, reserved
    • Loose skin, mostly of head, hanging in deep folds.
    • Long ears.
    • Height: 23-27inches
    • Weight: up to 110lbs
    • Borzoi
    • Temper: courageous, faithful, sensitive, alert, aloof, gentle, obedient
    • Built for speed and grace.
    • Bony back, raises in graceful curve.
    • Originally used to hunt wolf.
    • Silky coat requires constant care.
    • Height: 27-29inches
    • Weight: up to 105lbs
    • Dachshund
    • Temper: smart, plucky, proud, loving, con be clownish, independent
    • Miniature weight under 11lbs.
    • Height: 12-14inches
    • Weight: 20-26lbs
    • Fox Hound
    • Temper: friendly, strong willed, not aggressive, distinctive voice
    • Powerful with stamina, endurance, natural ability to hunt.
    • Short weatherproof coat.
    • Height: 23-25inches
    • Weight: 55-77lbs
    • Greyhound
    • Temper: gentle, companion, couch potato, sight hound
    • Easy to keep clean.
    • Good with kids.
    • Height: 27-30inches
    • Weight: 60-70lbs

    • Irish Wolfhound
    • Temper: stout hearted, sweet tempered, devoted, alert, gentle
    • Great power, activity, speed, and courage.
    • Height: 32-34inches
    • Weight: up to 120lbs
    • Pharaoh Hound
    • Temper: graceful, powerful, friendly, needs love and exercise
    • Uses both sight and sent.
    • Erect ears, amber ears.
    • Height: 21-22inches
    • Weight: 45-55lbs
    • Rhodesian Ridge-back
    • Temper: quiet, easily trained, good natured, watch dog, smart, loyal
    • Hair on dorsal grows opposite direction.
    • Strong and active.
    • Height: 24-27inches
    • Weight: up to 85lbs
    • Saluki
    • Temper: gentle, friendly, sensitive, shouldn't be nervous
    • Oldest race of hunting dog.
    • Hunted with hawks.
    • Height: 23-28inches
    • Weight: 31-55lbs
    • Whippet
    • Temper: smart, gentle, loving, easy to train, sensitive
    • Thin skin, feel cold, and scars easily.
    • Clean and odor free.
    • Height: 17-20inches
    • Weight: 23-31lbs

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