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    • Hercules and Omphale by Francois Boucher 1731-4
    • kissing on bed, equal lovers, rich in color, painterly, erotic, Rubenisic, style= Rococo
    • The Beautiful Kitchen Maid by Francois Boucher 1733-34
    • Eggs in apron =virgin, small picture, everyday life, emulate palate of northerners, painterly, cat attaching bird= Dutch in palate, (dead bird= lost virginity captured bird = virginity) cabage = female part
    • The Vegetable Vendor By F. Boucher 1737
    • selling carotts, next to her cabage, which sheep=innocent=trapped, pasteral mode=peasand/shephards, milk maid, outdoor, painterly,
    • Dejeurner 1739 F. Boucher
    • pourisioners, bk or lunch scene, fashionable interior, middle class, big mirror piece and furniture=rococo style= porcaline
    • Triumph of Venus 1740 F. Boucher
    • asymmetrical painting, sensual, intertwined figures, erotic, about Venus hanging out at sea, not dramatic, just naked bodies at sea,
    • La Toilette 1742 F. Boucher
    • getting dressed, attended by maid of same clothing,
    • messy room =party/entertainment in bed. showing of leg, pussy cat =pussy= provacative, everything is open=inviting you in
    • The Chinese Gallant 1742 By F. Boucher
    • pagoda in b/g & color, blue=chinese, woman dressed in robe manner =costume, own fantacies, amusment and escape
    • Odalisque 1743 b F Boucher
    • 'turkish painting' provacative= rear entrance
    • Summer Pastoral 1749 by F. Boucher
    • barefoot shephardesses w/leisure time-listeningto music played by guy=fingering pipe, ideal countryside perfectly clean=pastel colors, straw hats= parisians made them
    • An Automn Pastoral 1749 by F Boucher
    • guy feeding girl w/grapes=assosiated with Bauchus and wine, high culture w/stone behind them=overrun by nature (ganra paintings w/alegory of 4 seasons)
    • Apollo and Isse 1750 by F. Boucher
    • story from avid, apollo turned into shephard to whoe the shephardess
    • The setting of the Sun by F. Boucher 1753
    • comparing to grandpa and Apollo the sun, pompadour willing to greed him
    • The Rising of the Sun by F. Boucher 1753
    • rising to begin day, nyphs trying sandels, rosy figurer down, pompodour looking t viewer
    • The Abduction of Europa 1727 Noel Nicolas Coypel
    • princess of Tyre, beutiful bull= Jupiter, took off ran into sea, took advantage of her, dramatic, moving, true to life, pallate =pastel, pink, golden, yellow, blue, diagonal asymmetric=took off on Pousin.
    • The Quarrel of the Cabmen 1701 by Claude Gillot
    • scene from performance, stage, b/g is fake=painted, two cabman arguing,
    • Grand Singerie, Chantilly 1735 by Christophe Huet
    • palace, exotic room, ornate Rococo decoration, grotesquerie, goddess, cowtowing animals/monkey. Singerie=money painting dressed up in human fashion, behavior, humorous, monkey painting, sculpting, etc.
    • Huet followed footsteps if Watteau and Audran Berceau des Suges at Marly-monkey feast
    • The continence of scipio 1727 by Francois Le Moyne
    • balatic, atmospheric-lively picture, history painting, Scipio=Roman general prize=woman, family comes to take her back with their welth as offer, gives her up for free.(Shared the prize with De Troy for Acadamy painting)

  1. La Sultana by carl van loo 1747 Being served coffee by servant,
    • Happy Pierrot By Watteau 1714 seater with ladies
    • in contemporary dress b/g=landscape/garden not a teather; flirting and walking
    • in garden=impolse and polite manners Pierro choose btw the two but they already
    • have their suiters naivity he is the 5th wheel
    • The foursome by Watteaue 1714pierro back to us w/guitar=read
    • pic with expression of women, one takes of mask open ended not telling a story,
    • hints and pros-left to you, statue young boy riding dolphin=desire of Pierro or
    • women.
    • Do you want to Succeed with Women?
    • 1717-18 Watteau b/g women reading, f/g Harlequin comes and scares the woman,
    • frightening way=stepping out of polite society, painterly, emposto, uneven,
    • rough,
    • The Monkey Painter by Watteau 1710-15 tragic figure
    • painintg 3d and 2d painters-can create higher quality,elevated paintings,
    • reflecting on own experience-obligated to copy in diff manners-adopting
    • himself/constrained
    • Summer by Watteau 1715 girl in silk dress lion behind her
    • mythelogical =part of the four seasons
    • Dianna Watteau 1715 non-literal nude-young
    • bather in landscape=non natative
    • Morning Toilette by Watteau 1715 unmade bed,
    • attended by maids, gown to put on, private picture, flemish dutch mode galaunt
    • pict.
    • Pleasures of the Dance by Watteau 1715-6 setting tarance=open to
    • landscape couple about to start dancing, old fashion, exautic costumes,
    • elaborate setting, far distance couple embracing, far distance mts, landscape
    • almost like island of Venus, statue-almost comes to life on balcony servant in
    • turkish dress in matter of robes palat=dark but warm, uneven surface
    • The perspective by Watteau 1715 private garden by
    • his partner pier Quasaed, montmorency-chateae house built for charles le
    • Braun-garden by notre, Quasaed demolished the building, overgrown couples
    • getting to know each other voeing woman with guitar
    • Cythera by Watteau 1717 couples leaving the island,
    • women dont want to go, love, romance, men want to go get on with the business,
    • progress of love, staue Venus, cupid flying in air, mythelogical=present as
    • history painting, created a new cathergory=une fete galante
    • The Shepherds by Watteau 1717-18 city people in
    • company of peasants w/sheep man coming agressively to woman, couple dancing,
    • boy with dog licking himself
    • Peaceful Love By Watteau 1718 contemporary 3
    • couples paired off
    • Les Champs Elysees 1718-19 by Watteau statue=nymph, chosing a
    • suiter, socializing, inspired by Notre Tuilerie Gardens.
  2. The Skate by Chardin 1728 cat comming upon sea food stuff, situated on stone ledge w/cloth, knife extended to viewer, cat gets scared with hanging food/fish?
    • Soap Bubbles Chardin 1734 ganra scene, dutch in pallate,
    • emblomatic, symbolic=loss of innocence.
    • The Governess by Chardin 1738 teaching boy, she
    • is sowing something, neatly organized, boy messy,

    • Grace before Meal by Chardin 1740 drum behind
    • chair=boy, says grace, served by governess only two plates,
    • Belisarius by David 1781 condemned general wrongly accused, 'give coin
    • to Belisarius' blind=old helmet to beg with, astonished soldier in b/g to see
    • his general like this=roman architecture, woman gives coin, grandchild with
    • Belisarius.
    • Andromache Mourning Hector by David 1783 prince of Troy,
    • mourned by wife, conforted by son, closed off b/g room-archiologically exact,
    • polishing detailed picture, line=emotions as well as intelect
    • The Oath of the Horatii by David 1784
    • commisioned by King XVI Roman Repuplic, dispute w/Romans and neighboring group
    • 3 brothers Horatii against 3 brothers Cariati, declaring allegence to Rome,
    • sharp lines define the men's bodies and swords, girls curvaliniar, 3 arches,
    • one woman is sister of Cariati and one is engadged to Cariati brother,
    • f/g-nuteral somber colors
    • Blind Man's Buff by Fragonard 1752 painterly, fluid
    • landscape, beautifully lit up, inspired by Opera Comic and Boucher pasteral
    • mode, infatuation blinds you, groping the love w/choice=teasing her
  3. The Little Park by Fraganard 1761lions on each side, couple in b/g with statues on each side, venus?

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