Nursing Arts Practical

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  1. Knee-chest - use: rectal exam, proctological or sigmoidoscope
  2. Jackknife- use: rectal exam or vaginal
    • Proctological- use: sigmoid exam/proctological exam
    • Drape: aperture drape or two draper
  3. Lithotomy- use pelvis, vaginal, rectal and digital exam
  4. Trendelenburg- use treatment of shock or hypotension blood to head
  5. Fowler's
  6. Sim's
  7. Prone
  8. Dorsal Recumbent
  9. Supine
  10. Weight/height: What should you ask the patient to do before getting on the scale ?
    To take off their coat, shoes, purse, keys, and empty their pockets etc.
  11. Snellen eye chart: what do you ask the Pt before the exam
    Do they wear glass or lens
  12. Snellen eye chart: How many mistakes is a Pt allowed to make and what happen on the 3rd mistake.
    2 mistakes, after the 3rd mistake you chart the line before.
  13. Snellen eye chart: abbreviation OU
  14. Snellen eye chart: abbrevation OS
  15. Snellen eye chart : abbreviation OD
  16. Snellen eye chart procedures: which line do you start on
    line 20/70
  17. Charting Techniques : what is the correct way of correcting a error
    • In black ink
    • Line through the mistake with the word error
    • Date it
    • write your initials & correct the word(s)
  18. Gloves - non sterile, bi manual
  19. Nasal speculum- inspect the lining of the nose, nasal memberanes & internal septum
  20. tuning fork- hearing and sensitivity
  21. Tongue depressor- gums, teeth, tonsils and throat
  22. Percussion hammer- reflexes, of the babinski, patellar, bicep
  23. Otoscope- ear, tympanic membrane, cerumen, foreign objects, infection
  24. Ophalmoscope- eye, sclera, pupils, retina, blood vessels
  25. Base- battery source
  26. Sphygmomanometer
  27. Stethoscope

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