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  1. Proper nouns
    usually begin with a capital letter..Paris, Andrew, Venus.
  2. Concrete nouns
    refer to things that exist physically..computer, hand, house, tiger.
  3. Abstract nouns
    refer to things that do not exist physically..feelings, friendship, sadness.
  4. Collective nouns
    refer to groups of people, animals or objects..team, family, flock.
  5. Adjectives
    describing words.
  6. Comparatives
    usually end in -er.
  7. Superlative
    usually end in -est.
  8. Verbs
    doing words.
  9. Primary verbs
    be, have, do.
  10. Auxiliary verbs
    verbs that placed in front of main verbs.
  11. Modal auxiliaries
    can, should, would, could, will, shall, may, might, must.
  12. Pronouns
    take the place of nouns.
  13. Reflexive pronouns
    myself, ourselves, yourself, himself...
  14. Indefinate pronouns
    Pronouns that do not refer to specific persons or things..someone, anything, no one, everything.
  15. Interrogative sentences
    ask questions.
  16. Imperative sentences
    sentences that give orders of some kind.
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