Chem unit 6

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  1. Evidence of a chemical reaction
    • temp. change
    • color change
    • odor, gas and bubbles
  2. describe chemical reaction using chemical equations
    reactant + reactant -------- product + product
  3. Law of conservation of mass
    • says that matter can not be created or destroyed through a chemical reaction
    • Therefore it is fundamental that the equations that represent chemical reactions include sufficient information to show that the reaction obeys the law of conservation of mass.
  4. Synthesis Reaction
    A + B = AB
  5. combustion reaction
    • oxygen combines with a substance and releases energy in the form of heat and light
    • CH4 + 2O4 =CO2 + 2H2O
  6. Decomposition reaction
    AB = A + B
  7. Single replacement reaction:
    A + BX = AX + B
  8. double replacement reactions
    AX + BY = AY + BX
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