Organic Chemistry

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  1. Substitution (SN2 Reactions)
    • Add anti stereochemistry (wedged then final will be dotted)
    • pulls off an X and adds the nucleophile
  2. Substitution (SN1 Reactions)
    • Adds syn stereochemistry (if wedged remains wedged)
    • Pulls off X and adds nucleophile
  3. CH3øSO2Cl addition plus nucleophile (SN2)
    Adds to OH getting rid of H then anti addition (switch wedged to dotted..ect...)
  4. PCl3
    Cl attaches in place of OH (anti addition) then nucleophile adds anti addition as well in place of Cl
  5. HCl
    Adds with a mixture of syn and anti
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Organic Chemistry
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