Driving Signs 3-4

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  1. Intersection
  2. Narrow Bridge
  3. Used for warning signs.
  4. Object Marker
  5. School Crossing
  6. Wrong Way
  7. Right Lane Ends Merge Left
  8. No Trucks
  9. One Way
  10. No Bicycles
  11. What does the color green represent?
    Used as background color for guide signs and mileposts, and as a message color on permissive regulation and parking signs.
  12. Reduced Speed Zone
  13. Right Angle Turn
  14. Low Clearance
  15. Angled Intersection Ahead
  16. End of Divided Roadway/Highway
  17. Large Arrow Right
  18. What does the color brown represent?
    Used as background color for guide and information signs related to points of recreational or cultural interest.
  19. : Used for recreational area guide signs.
  20. Interstate Highway
  21. Dip
  22. What does the sign shape Pennant represent?
    Exclusively for NO PASSING ZONE signs.
  23. Must Turn Left
  24. Must Turn Right
  25. Bicycle Crossing
  26. Camping
  27. Road Construction Next Five Miles
  28. Chevron
  29. Hospital
  30. Two Way Traffic
  31. What does the sign shape Rectangle, Longer Dimension Horizontal represent?
    Used for guide signs
  32. Bump
  33. Deer Crossing
  34. What does the color yellow represent?
    Used as background color for warning signs (except construction and maintenance signs), and school signs.
  35. Added Lanes Ahead
  36. Railroad Crossing
  37. What does the color blue represent?
    Used as background color for traveler services information signs, and the Civil Defense Evacuation Route Marker.
  38. Begin Divided Roadway/Highway
  39. US Route
  40. Do Not Enter

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Driving signs

Driving sings 3-4
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