Devoir, Pouvoir, Vouloir

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  1. devoir
    to have to [must]; to owe
  2. je-- dois
    tu-- dois
    il/elle-- doit

    nous-- devons
    vous-- devez
    ils/elles-- doivent

    past participle-- dû
  3. vouloir
    to want
  4. je-- veux
    tu-- veux
    il/elle-- veut

    nous-- voulons
    vous-- voulez
    ils/elles-- veulent

    past participle-- voulu
  5. pouvoir
    to be able to [can]
  6. je-- peux
    tu-- peux
    il/elle-- peut

    nous-- pouvons
    vous-- pouvez
    ils/elles-- peuvent

    past participle-- pu
  7. devoir, vouloir, and pouvoir take avoir in the passé composé.
  8. Devoir can be used with an infinitive to mean to have to or must.
    • On doit manger des légumes tous les jours.
    • -- One must eat their vegetables every day.
  9. With a direct object, devoir means to owe.
    • Tu me dois cinq euros pour la salade.
    • -- You owe me five euros for the salad.
  10. Devoir is often used in the passé composé with an infinitive to speculate on what must have happened.
    • Augustin a dû trop manger hier soir.
    • -- Augustin must have eaten too much last night.
  11. In the imparfait, devoir can be used with an infinitive to express supposed to.
    • Je devais faire mes devoirs.
    • -- I was supposed to do my homework.
  12. When vouloir is used with the infinitive dire, it is translated as to mean.
    • Nous voulons dire exactement le contraire.
    • -- We mean exactly the opposite.
  13. Vouloir bien can be used to express willingness.
    • Tu veux prendre de la glace?
    • -- Do you want to have some ice cream?
    • Oui, je veux bien prendre de la glace.
    • -- Yes, I'll gladly have some ice cream.
  14. Vouloir is often used in the passé composé with an infinitive in negative sentences to express refused to.
    • J'ai essayé, mail il n'a pas voulu parler.
    • -- I tried, but he refused to talk.
  15. Pouvoir can be used in the passé composé with an infinitive to express managed to do something.
    • Nous avons pu tout finir.
    • -- We managed to finish everything.
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