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  1. Product advertisements take 3 forms:
    • Pioneering
    • Competitive
    • reminder
  2. _______ advertisements tell people what a product is, what it can do, and where it can be found

    A. competitive
    B. reminder
    C. pioneering
    C. pioneering
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  3. the key objective of a pioneering advertisement is to inform the __________
    target market
  4. advertising that promotes a specific brand's features and benefits is ______

    A. competitive
    B. reminder
    C. pioneering
    A. competitive
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  5. the objective of competitive advertising is to:
    persuade the target market to select the firm's brand rather than that of a competitor
  6. ________ advertising is used to reinforce previous knowledge of a product

    A. pioneering
    B. competitive
    C. reminder
    C. reminder
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  7. ______ advertising is good for products that have achieved a well-recognized position and are in the mature phase of their product life cycle

    A. competitive
    B. reminder
    C. pioneering
    B. reminder
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  8. the objective of institutional advertisements is to:
    build goodwill or an image for an organization rather than promote a specific good or service
  9. 4 alternative forms of institutional advertisements are often used:
    • advocacy - states the position of a company on an issue
    • pioneering institutional - are used for announcements about what a company is
    • competitive institutional - promote the advantages of one product class over another
    • reminder institutional - bring the company's name to the attention of the target market again
  10. Most advertising messages are made up of both ________ and ________ elements
    • informational
    • persuasional
  11. 3 common advertising appeals:
    • fear appeals
    • sex apeals
    • humorous appeals
  12. ______ appeals tend to wear out quickly, eventually boring the consumer

    A. humor
    B. fear
    C. sex
    A. humor
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  13. ______ exposure, and _______ costs are of central importance to media planning
    • maximizing
    • minimizing
  14. ______, the average number of times a person in the target audience is exposed to a message or advertisement
  15. ______ is the number of different people or ho useholds exposed to an advertisement
  16. reach X frequency will give an advertiser ________
    gross rating points

  17. a valueble medium that communicates with sight, sound, and motion
  18. television's major disadvantage is:
  19. program-length advetisements that take an educational approach to communication with potential customers
  20. advantage and disadvantage of radio
    • advantage: segmented medium
    • disadvantage: limited use for products that must be seen
  21. advantage and disadvantage of magazine ads
    • advantage: great number of special-interest publications that appeal to a narrowly defined segments
    • disadvantage: the cost of advetising in national magazines
  22. advertisements that are generally limited to ads that call for an immediate customer response:
  23. rich media on the internet
    advertisments that have the unque feature of being interactive
  24. examples of outdoor advertising
    • billboards
    • transit advertising
  25. 3 factors that must be considered when scheduling an advertisement
    • buyer turnover: how often new buyes enter the market to buy the product
    • purchase frequency: the more frequently the product is purchased, the less repetition is required
    • forgetting rate: the speed at which buyers forget the brand if ads aren't seen
  26. continuous (steady) schedule of advertising:
    advertising is run at a continuous or steady schedule throughout the year
  27. flighting (intermitten) schedule:
    periods of advertising are scheduled between periods of no advertising to reflect seasonal demand
  28. pulse (burst) schedule
    flighting combined with a continuous schedule because of increases in demand
  29. 3 different pretests
    • portfolio tests: used to test copy alternative
    • jury tests: involve showing the ad copy to a panel of consumers and having them rate it
    • theater tests: is the most sophisticated form of pretesting. viewers register their feeligns about the ads during new tv shows or movies
  30. 5 types of posttests to determine whether an ad accomplished its intended purpose
    • aided recall
    • unaided recall
    • attitude tests
    • inquiry tests
    • sales tests
  31. Consume-oriented sales promotions:
    • coupons
    • deals
    • premiums
    • contests
    • sweepstakes
    • samples
    • loyalty programs
    • point-of-purchase displays
    • rebates
    • product placement
  32. sales tools used to support a company's advetising and personal selling directed to wholesalers
    trade promotions
  33. using a brand-name product in a movie, tv show, video, or commercial for another product
    product placement
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