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  1. Formulas to know for the test: MCV, MCH, MCHC, OR, CR
    • MCV = HCT/RBC x10
    • MCH = HGB/RBC x10
    • MCHC = MCH/MCV x 100
    • OR = # reticulocytes/#RBC x100
    • CR = observed HCT/Mean HCT x OR
  2. What happens to the CR value with ineffective erythropoiesis?
    CR increases
  3. What happens to the CR value with insufficient erythropoiesis?
    CR decreases or is within normal limits (WNL)
  4. What happens to the CR value during anemia or hemolysis?
    CR increases
  5. What is the main cause and result of ineffective EP?
    • HG down due to lack of iron
    • Result: microcytic cells, hypochromic cells
  6. What is the main cause and result if insufficient EP?
    • deficient folate or B12
    • Result: macrocytic cells, normophylic (generally)
  7. What are the phrases used for a low and normal MCHC count?
    • Low = hypochromic
    • Normal = normochromic
  8. There are three values you need to know for reference:
    1) RBC count
    2) HGB count
    3) HCT percentage
    • 1) 5x106microliters
    • 2) 15 g/dL
    • 3) 45%
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