CMT Week 7 Questionnaire

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  1. How can characters roles be analysed?
    Characters role scan be analysed in the Proppian narrative terms or according to systematic oppositions.
  2. What is the Equilibrium and Disequilibrium theory?
    The Equilibrium and the Disequilibrium is a theory suggested by Tzvetan Todorov, which says that a story begins with a state of equilibrium and then suddenly a sad event brings the disequilibrium. Then a resolution is found and finally a new equilibrium (different from the first one) comes out.
  3. Who is Roland Barthes?
    He is a French linguist that suggested the Codes of Enigma & Action theory.
  4. What is the Codes of Enigma & Action theory?
    It is a theory suggested by the French linguist RolandBarthes, which says that a text (or a story) presents a mystery to attract an audience.
  5. What is Narration?
    Narrationis the process of telling a story (course of events).
  6. What is a plot?
    It is the main events of a storydevised and presented in a particular way (or order).
  7. What is the difference between a plot and a story?
    A plot is what you see as the audience, in the order the events are presented. Whereas a story is the actual story in the real chronological way.
  8. What are the different narrative structures ?
    • Unambiguousand linear
    • Altered,chopped up or manipulated with various possible endings
    • Begin atthe end and tell the story through a series of flashbacks
    • Combinationof both ‘real time’ and flashback
  9. Give an example of an unambiguous and linear narrative
    Factual news
  10. Give an example of altered, chopped up or manipulated with various possible endings
    Butterfly effects
  11. Give an example of a film starting at the end and tell the story through a series of flashbacks
    Pulp Fiction
  12. Give an example of narrative which has a combination of both ‘real time’ and flashback

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