CMT Week 8 Questionnaire

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  1. In what kind of media narratives can be found?
    • Photography
    • Comic strips and animation
    • Cinema
    • Radio
    • Computer games
    • Soap operas
  2. What are the characteristics of a closed narrative?
    • Complete story with an end
    • Few central characters
    • Hierarchy of characters (central, supporting, extras, etc.)
    • Character roles (hero, villain, etc.)
    • Time compressed
    • Events particular to this story, no necessary ressemblance with real world
    • Audience know characters only from this story
  3. What are the characteristics of a open narrative ?
    • On-goingstory line
    • Many characters
    • No hierarchy, characters shift in/out
    • Characterroles shift
    • Time =real world time
    • Many include reference to real life events
    • Audience have memory of previous episodes
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