English Vocab

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  1. Hypothetical
    Based on assumptions or hypotheses; supposed
  2. Implacable
    Incapable of being pacified; merciless
  3. Jeer
    To sneer; to mock
  4. Kindred
    Relative; family, tribe, or race
  5. Lampoon
    A sharp, often harmful satire
  6. Mock
    Ridicule; imitate, often in derision
  7. Nadir
    Lowest point
  8. Oaf
    A dunce or blockhead
  9. Perpetual
  10. Qualm
    a feeling of uneasiness
  11. Repudiate
    Disown; disavow
  12. Severity
    Harshness, intensity; austerity; rigidity
  13. Toxic
  14. Umbrage
    A feeling of resentment
  15. Vain
    Conceited; excessively proud about one's appearance
  16. Adverse
    Unfavorable; hostile
  17. Baffle
    To confuse; to bewilder
  18. Circumspect
    Prudent; cautious
  19. Depict
  20. Enigma
    Puzzle; mystery
  21. Forthright
    Outspoken; frank
  22. Implement
    Put into effect; supply with tools
  23. Monarchy
    Government under a single ruler
  24. Pervasive
    Pervading; spreading throughout every part
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