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  1. what is defined as a pocket formed as a result of disease that causes the junctional epithelium to migrate apically along the cementum?
    periodontal pocket
  2. what is defined as a pocket formed by gingival enlargement without apical migration of the junctional epithelium
    gingival pocket
  3. t/f a periodontal pocket doesn't involve apical migration of the junctional epithelium
    false-it does!
  4. what are the four stages of a lesion?
    • initial lesion
    • early lesion
    • established lesion
    • advanced lesion
  5. what stage of a lesion is the inflammatory response?
    initial lesion
  6. t/f there are clinical signs of an initial lesion
    false- NO clinical signs
  7. what stage is the lesion at 2-4 days?
    initial lesion
  8. what is the lesion classified as at 7-14 days?
    early lesion
  9. what stage of a lesion is called the increased inflammatory response/
    early lesion
  10. at what stage of the lesion does the epithelium proliferate and rete ridges form?
    early lesion
  11. at what stage does the lesion have gingivities and is reversible?
    early lesion
  12. at what stage is their fluid and leukocytes present in the lesion as the JE migrates apically and collagen destruction?
    established lesion
  13. what are the clincial signs of an established lesion
    • inflammation
    • redness
    • spongy
    • BOP
  14. what lesion stage is early perio?
    established lesion
  15. during what stage is there alveolar bone destruction caused by the lesion?
    advanced lesion
  16. during what stage of a lesion is there biofilm and irritants present causing the pocket to deepen?
    advanced lesion
  17. clinical signs of an advanced lesion are?
    • bone loss
    • mobility
    • chronic inflammation
  18. what perio type is early gingivities?
    type I
  19. what perio class is early periodontitis
    type II
  20. what perio type is moderate perio?
    type III
  21. what perio type is advanced perio
    type IV
  22. what perio type has bleeding with 1-3 mm pockets
    type I
  23. what perio type has slight bone loss and attachment loss with 1-5 mm pockets
    type II
  24. what perio type has noticeable bone loss, mobility and possible furcation involvement with 4-6 mm pockets
    type III
  25. what perio type has severe bone loss, increased mobility and furcation involvement with >7 mm pockets?
    type IV
  26. what perio type has 4-6 mm pockets?
    type III
  27. what perio type has 1-5 mm pockets
    type II
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periodontal disease
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