Members of the 111th Congress

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  1. Speaker of the House, Salary
    Nancy Pelosi

  2. House Minority Whip
    Eric Cantor (VA)
  3. Senate Majority Leader
    Harry Reid
  4. House Majority Leader
    Steny Hoyer
  5. Senate Minority Leader
    Mitch McConnell
  6. House Minority Leader
    John Boehner
  7. House Majority Whip
    James Clyburn
  8. President Over Senate
    Joe Biden
  9. House Parliamentarian
    John Sullivan
  10. Senate Parliamentarian
    Allen Frumin
  11. Senate Minority Whip
    Jon Kyle
  12. President Pro-Tem
    Daniel Inouye (Oldest)
  13. Senate Majority Whip
    Richard "DICK" Durbin
  14. House Chaplain
    Daniel Coughlin
  15. Senate Sergeant at Arms
    Terrance Gainer
  16. House Sergeant at Arms
    Wilson Livingood
  17. Senate Chaplain
    Barry Black
  18. 2 Independents
    • Joe Lieberman (Conn)
    • Burnie Sanders (Vermont)
  19. Islamics
    • Andre Carson (Indiana)
    • Keith Ellison (Minnisota)
  20. Buddhists
    • Mazie Hirano (HAWAII)
    • HANK Johnson (Georgia)
  21. House Youngest
    George Lemioux (Florida)
  22. Athiest
    Pete Stark (California) House Dem
  23. Native Americans
    Tom COAL House Repub (OK)
  24. Vietnamese
    Joseph Caro Republican (Louisiana) House
  25. How many women
    76; 17 Senate, 59 House
  26. Dem in House
    Repub in House
    258; 177
  27. Democrats in Senate
    Republicans in Senate
    57; 41
  28. Speaker of House Pay
  29. Pay for Majority and Minority Leaders
  30. Average Congressman pay
  31. Members that can't vote (6)
    • American Samoa
    • Puerto Rico
    • Virgin Islands
    • Guam
    • D.C.
    • Northern Marianas
  32. Senate Calendars (2)
    Legislative, Business
  33. House Calendars (5)
    Union, House, Private, Motions, Corrections
  34. Took Obama's seat in Illinois as well as only Black
    Ronald Burris
  35. How many states Dem vs Repub

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Important facts of members of the 111th Congress
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