Norse Gods

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  1. Odin
    • Father of all the Norse Gods.
    • He had 2 ravens(Thought + Memory)
    • He also had 2 wolves.
  2. Balder
    • He was the god of truth and light.
    • He was killed by Loki after no one could find a way to kill him.
  3. Thor
    • God of thunder.
    • Thursday is named after him.
  4. Freyr
    God of weather and fertility.
  5. Hemidall
    God of light.
  6. Tyr
    • God of war.
    • Tuesday was named after him.
  7. Freya
    God of love and beauty.
  8. Frigga
    • Goddess of marrige and prophecy.
    • Wife of Odin.
  9. Hela
    • Goddess of the dead.
    • Queen of the underworld.
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