GRE Writing phrase

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  1. apply to
  2. infer A from B
  3. call on
    号召, 拜访,请求
  4. bring up
  5. die of
  6. refrain from
    • 忍住, 抑制, 制止
    • I'm just trying to refrain from drowsing at work.
    • I wish he would refrain from scattering his ash all over the carpet.
    • Let's hope they will refrain from hostile
    • actions.
  7. put off
    • 推迟,延期,不安,摆脱
    • He's a good salesman, but his offhand manner does tend to put people off.
    • She keeps putting off going to the dentist.
    • Don't put me off when I'm trying to
    • concentrate.
  8. happen to
    • 发生, 碰巧, 正巧, 偶然
    • How could this happen to me!
    • We happen to hold the same view.
    • It could happen to anybody.
  9. count for
    • 有价值, 有重要性
    • For him fame does not count for much.
    • Knowledge without common sense count for
    • little.
    • The speed of a runaway horse count for
    • nothing.
  10. prefer A to B
  11. rule out
    • 消除, 排除, 划线隔开
    • Rule out neatly any words which you do not wish the examiner to read.
    • Rule out that entry in the ledger, the
    • transaction was cancelled.
    • He did not rule out changing his mind.
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