Social psych & Law

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  1. What factors affect the Jury?
    • -Social cognition
    • -Persuasion
    • -Group Processes
    • -Informational and normative influence
    • -Prejudice and stereotyping
  2. In a line up, should suspect and foils be presented simultaneously or sequentially?
    • Sequentially, to avoid the ‘best guess’ problem
    • -Foils should resemble suspect
  3. Why have juries?
    • Group recall > individual recall
    • Forced deliberation requires in-depth thinking
    • -----the use of central route (systematic) processing is increased
    • Representativeness (diversity) of perspectives
    • Attention focused on all of the evidence rather than selective pieces
    • Restrains use of inadmissable evidence
    • When the evidence is unambiguous and can be understood, most juries render verdicts consistent with it
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