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  1. The United Kingdom is maded up into 3 countries
    Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland
  2. Great Britian has three political parties
    • Labour Party
    • Lib Dems
    • Conservative Party
  3. Type of political system in Great Britian
    first past the post system SMD system
  4. Struture of the British Government
    • Local: English Local, Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly
    • Legislature: House of Commons and House of Lords
    • Executive: Prime Minister and Cabinet
  5. Queen of United Kingdom 2
    • Appoints her majesty government.
    • Figure head
  6. House of Commons 4
    • In charge of providing Parliament authority
    • Pass laws
    • control adminstration
    • monarchs and lords don not go into the house of commons
  7. House of Lords 3
    • Restrain the house of commons
    • inheirted positions
    • delay or reject legislation
  8. Historic Events in France history 5
    • Napoleon: constituional monarchy First Republic
    • Class Confict: Second Republic
    • Conservatives and monarchy clash: Third Republic
    • After wwii: Fourth Republic
    • Gaulle: Fifth Republic
  9. Government Structure in France 3
    • Executive: President and Prime Minister
    • Legislature: National Assembly and Senate
    • Judiciary: Constitutional Council
  10. French parties
    • National Front
    • Socialist Party
    • French Communist Party
  11. French political culture 5
    • Instability
    • Participation with debates
    • Distrust of government and politics
    • Religion and anti-religion
    • Class and status are important
  12. 6 Major historical time periods in Germany
    • First Reich: Roman Empire
    • Second Reich: established political instituitions
    • Weimer Republic: Constituition
    • Third Reich: Nazi's in power
    • Germany after WWII: Under ally control
    • Current Germany: Federal republic
  13. Germany political structure
    • Executive: President/figure head and chancellor
    • Legslature: Bundstag lower and Budesraf upper
    • Judicary: Constituional Court
  14. German political parties
    • Christian Democratic Union
    • Social Democratic Party
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