Communicale attributes of God

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  1. Communicale attributes of God
    How God is like us in his being and in mental and moral attributes
  2. Spiritually
    • God is not physical
    • True worship comes from our heart / spirit
    • John 1v24
  3. Invisible
    • We don't see God but He shows himself through his actions
    • Some parts of us are invisible
    • John 1v18
  4. All knowing
    • He knows the end of the beginning
    • 1 John 3v20
  5. Wisdom
    • He always chooses the best goals and decisions
    • Romans 8v28
  6. Truthfulness
    • He is teh final standard of truth
    • Ephesians 4v25
  7. Goodness
    • God is the final standard of Good. All what He does is worthy of approval
    • Luke 18v19
  8. Love
    • Love is self-sacrificing
    • 1 John 4v8
  9. Mercy
    • Goodness toward those in distress
    • Exodus 34v6
  10. Grace
    • Goodness towards those who deserves punishment
    • Psalm 103v8
  11. Patience
    • Witholding punishment to those who sin over a period of time
    • Matthew 18v23
  12. Holiness
    • He is seperated from sin
    • Genesis 2v3
  13. Peace
    He is continually active, but ordered and fully in control
  14. Righteousness
    • He acts in accordance to what is right
    • John 8v4
  15. Jealous
    • He continually seeks to protect his honour
    • Exodus 20v5
  16. Wrath
    • He hates sin
    • John 10v10
  17. Will
    • His will is everything that is necessary for the existince of Him and his creation
    • Reveleations 4v11
    • Matthew 6v10
  18. Freedom
    • He does whatever he pleases
    • Psalm 115v3
  19. All powerful
    • Everything is possible with God
    • Luke 1v37
  20. Perfection
    • He is complete and prefect in any way
    • Matthew 5v48
  21. Blessed
    • He delights fully in himself and all that reflects his character
    • 1 Timothy 1v11
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