The Plague Vocabulary

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  1. decorous
  2. tawdry
    gaudy and cheap
  3. lorded
  4. stolid
  5. saturnalia
    unrestrained revelry
  6. recrudescence
    a return of something after a period of inactivity
  7. strident
    loud, harsh, grating, or shrill
  8. tocsin
    a warning bell
  9. cordon
    a line of people
  10. precipitate
    bring about abruptly
  11. abstruse
    hard to understand
  12. gainsay
    deny, oppose
  13. vouchsafe
    to grant or give by favor or graciousness
  14. venial
    able to be forgiven
  15. subterfuge
    something used to evade a rule or escape a consequence
  16. imprimatur
    an official licence to print or publish something
  17. decoct
    to boil down to extract something
  18. dissenting
    differing in opinion
  19. ministration
    relief or aid
  20. derelict
    abandoned, worn down
  21. dint
    force, power
  22. loquacious
    chatty, talkative
  23. harangue
    an intense verbal attack
  24. expatiate
    elaborate, add details
  25. tepid
    moderately warm
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