Psych: Stroop Effect

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  1. How is the experiment done?
    the experimenter tells the participant to name the colors of the printed words (he records the time it took). Then, to say the color of the words. For example, if the word "BLUE" is printed in a red color, you should say "RED" (record time). its not that easy!
  2. what are the results?
    The participant reads the words faster than he says the colors.
  3. Why?
    • The words themselves have a great influence in your ability to name the color. As you are trying to name the color there is an interference of information (what the words read and the color's name) receives, that causes problems in the brain. 2 theories that explain it.
    • 1. Speed of Processing Theory: the interference occurs because words are read faster than colors are named
    • 2. Selective Attention Theory: The interference occurs because naming colors requires more attention than reading words. (attentional interference)
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