IB Java vocab Dec 13

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  1. Expression
    Sequence of symbols that can be evaluated
  2. Fiber Optic
    Cabling used for networking that uses fine strands of glass. It can carry a great deal of data and it gives a fast transfer rate.
  3. Field (Object Attribute)
    Subdivision of a record containing a unit of information. Ex. Payroll record might have the fields: clockNumber, grossPay, deductions, and netPay.
  4. File
    Organized collection of data
  5. File manager
    Application software that can access, create, modify, store and retrieve files.
  6. Flag
    Indicator with two possible states: "set" or "not set", that can be represented by one bit.

    Flag can be used to: indicate record can be deleted; indicate of input/output; sense whether interruption has occurred.
  7. Formal Parameter
    variables declared in the parameter list of a method
  8. Formatted output
    data prepared for output in order to be displayed in a desired format
  9. graphics tablet
    input device on which the user writes or desings. The image is reproduced o the screen.
  10. GUI
    Graphic user interface
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