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  1. Dilated stomach:
    HPS, pylorospasm, antral web, antral gastritis
  2. Double bubble:
    duodenal atresia/stenosis/web, annular pancreas, Ladd�s bands, midgut volvulus, preportal vein, SMA syndrome
  3. Proximal bowel obstruction: neonates -
    small bowel atresia/stenosis, midgut volvulus, Ladd�s bands;
  4. Proximal bowel obstruction:children �
    intussusception, incarcerated inguinal hernia, perforated appendicitis
  5. Distal bowel obstruction:
    Hirschsprung�s, meconium plug, ileal atresia/stenosis, meconium ileus, imperforate anus
  6. Microcolon:
    ileal atresia, meconium ileus, total colonic Hirschsprung�s
  7. Pneumatosis:
    NEC, CF, CVD, leukemia, obstruction, steroids
  8. Gasless abdomen: severe vomiting �
    gastroenteritis, appendicitis;
  9. Gasless abdomen: impaired swallowing �
    esophageal atresia, neurologic impairment;
  10. Gasless abdomen: displaced bowel �
    CDH, omphalocele, masses, ascites
  11. Abdominal calcifications: intraabdominal:
    meconium peritonitis (most common);
  12. Abdominal calcifications:renal �
    neuroblastoma, Wilms, nephrocalcinosis, renal cysts, calculi;
  13. Abdominal calcifications:bowel �
    fecalith of appendix, Meckel�s;
  14. Abdominal calcifications:bladder �
    hemorrhagic cystitis;
  15. Abdominal calcifications:adrenal �
    hemorrhage, Wolman�s disease;
  16. Abdominal calcifications:cholelithiasis �
    sickle cell;
  17. Abdominal calcifications:liver �
    hepatoblastoma, granuloma
  18. Neonatal abdominal mass:renal �
    hydronephrosis, MCDK, mesoblastic nephroma;
  19. Neonatal abdominal mass:GI �
    duplication, meconium pseudocyst;
  20. Neonatal abdominal mass: RP �
    adrenal hemorrhage;
  21. Neonatal abdominal mass: genital �
    ovarian cyst, hydrometrocolpos;
  22. Neonatal abdominal mass: hepatobiliary �
    hemangioendothelioma, choledochal cyst
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