Lesson 4

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  1. Fúwùyuán!
    (foo ooo you in)
  2. Nĭ yào shénme?
    (knee yow shumma?)
    What would you like?
  3. Wŏ yào zhè ge
    (woa yow jug ga)
    I want this one
  4. Tā yě yào zhè ge
    (ta yay yow jug ga)
    She/He also wants this one
  5. Zhè ge, duì ma?
    (jug ga, daway ma?)
    This one, right?
  6. Duì, wŏ yào zhè ge
    (daway, woa yow jug ga)
    Yes, I want this one
  7. Fúwùyuán! Măidān
    (foo ooo you in! My dun)
    Waiter/Waitress! The bill
  8. Zhè ge
    (jug ga)
    This one
  9. What does the letters "zh" together sound like?
    "zh" - sounds like the "j" in Japan

  10. (ta)
  11. Duì
  12. Duì ma?
    (daway ma?)
    Correct or Right?
  13. Nĭ yào zhè ge ma?
    (knee yow jug ga ma?)
    Do you want this one?
  14. Duì, yào, xiè xie
    (daway, yow, sheya sheya)
    Correct, I want, thanks
  15. Măidān
    (My dun)
    The bill
  16. Tā yào kāfēi
    (ta yow KA fay)
    She/He wants coffee
  17. Wŏ yě yào shuĭ
    (woa yay yow shway-a)
    I also want water
  18. Fúwùyuán hěn hăo
    (foo ooo you in hen how)
    The waiter/waitress is very good
  19. Kāfēi hăo ma?
    (KA fay how ma?)
    Is the coffee good?
  20. Tā yě yào kāfēi ma?
    (ta yay yow KA fay ma?)
    Does she/he also want coffee?
  21. Nĭ yào zhè ge kāfēi ma?
    (knee yow jug ga KA fay ma?)
    Do you want this coffee?
  22. Wŏ yě yào kāfēi, nĭ ne?
    (woa yay yow KA fay, knee na?)
    I also want coffee, and you?
  23. Nà ge fúwùyuán hěn hăo
    (na ga foo ooo you in hen how)
    That waiter/waitress is very good
  24. Wŏ yào zhè ge
    (woa yow jug ga)
    I want this one
  25. Nà ge fúwùyuán hăo ma?
    (na ga foo ooo you in how ma?)
    Is the waiter/waitress good?
  26. Nà ge fúwùyuán
    (na ga foo ooo you in)
    That waiter/waitress
  27. Wŏ yào zhè ge shuĭ
    (woa yow jug ga shway-a)
    I want this water
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